A Message from the Associate Dean for Basic Science

NYU has a history of seminal contributions in the areas of Immunology, Inflammation and Infection, leading to a Nobel prize for immune response genes and a blockbuster drug for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Our research into the mechanisms regulating  the immune system and how our microbiota can both protect and negatively affect the host has been groundbreaking. To continue in this grand tradition,  the Office of Science and Research is hosting a retreat at Glen Cove Mansion. Investigators with data to share in any aspect of this broad area are welcome to apply.

Everyone attending will be expected to present and share their data, either in our poster session or as an invited speaker. Space is extremely limited, so if it turns out that we are oversubscribed, we will select the most scientifically diverse group possible.

This meeting will catalyze conversations, spark ‘Aha!’ moments, and instigate collaborations in a beautiful and relaxing setting. See you there!

Linda J. Miller, PhD
Associate Dean for Basic Science